About The Brantford Municipal Airport

The Brantford Municipal Airport is owned by the City of Brantford. It is located 8km west of the downtown area. The Brantford Flying Club is contracted to manage the day-to-day operations of the airport.

The Brantford Airport is pleased to offer:

Full FBO Services- 100LL, Jet-A1 FSII and Premium Mogas
Customs Airport of Entry
Canada Border Services Agency website
3 Instrument Approaches - NDB Rwy 05, RNAV (GNSS) Rwy 05 and RNAV (GNSS) Rwy 23
ARCAL Type K lighting system for Rwy 05/23
UNICOM airport advisory services
Landing fees only for commercial turbine aircraft only - $40.00/landing
NO Landing Fees for General Aviation Aircraft
Ample ramp parking
Short and Long term Hangar Storage available for large and small aircraft
Multiple aircraft maintenance, and avionics facilities based on the field

The Commercial Tenants are:

Aircraft Spruce - www.aircraftspruce.ca
Brant Aero - www.brantaero.com
Brantford Flying Club - www.flybfc.com
Custom Stainless Works - www.customstainless.ca
Gilbert Custom Aircraft - Find them on Facebook

Nelles Aviation Ltd. - Aircraft Maintenance and Repair
Solarship Inc.-Hybrid Aircraft - http://www.solarship.com


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