About Brantford COPA Flight 148
Brantford COPA Flight 148 is the local chapter of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association in the Brantford, Ontario area.  The Flight was founded in 2007 to create an additional venue for sharing aviation interests, camaraderie, adventures, and concerns, among local pilots, owners and aviation enthusiasts in the area.

Many of our members are also active members of the Brantford Flying Club which was established in 1929 and is one of the oldest Flying Clubs in Canada.  We enjoy the blessing of large areas of uncontrolled airspace for our local recreational and training flights, as well as the added safety shield of full ATC within minutes, as we fly into the Golden Horseshoe and reach the economic engine of Ontario within 30 minutes. We welcome everyone interested in Aviation to attend our monthly meetings, join in on our Events and to join our group.  Our purpose is to openly share our airborne interests, knowledge, and adventures.  It is also an opportunity for that ever important "Hangar Talk".  So come on out and join us.  We promise to make you feel welcome.

Brantford COPA Flight 148 meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  Meetings usually start at 1900 hours (7:00 pm) and during the summer months we usually kick things off with a tasty free BBQ at 6:00pm.  Check the upcoming events listing for the next meeting details.
Meetings are usually held in the Terminal Building of the Brantford Municipal Airport.  Our generous hosts are the Brantford Flying Club, but check the listings for the next meeting to see if it will be at a field location.
Brantford COPA Flight 148 meetings usually feature guest speakers of interest to aviators of all kinds.  We also do tours of aviation facilities, do fly-outs and day-trips by air.  Check the upcoming events listings for more information.
All aviators and those interested in flying are welcome to join Brantford COPA Flight 148.  Current Flight 148 members fly all kinds of aircraft from ultralights, owner maintenance aircraft, amateur-builts, helicopters and certified aircraft.  Plan to come out to our next get-together!
Well, why not?  Seriously though:

  Add your voice and support to General Aviation in Canada.
  Meet like-minded folks in your area.
  Learn things about flying that didn't come as part of the "training package".
  Talk with others that have decades of experience to share with you.
  Learn first-hand about great flying destinations.
  Get your questions answered.
  Stumble into the joy of impromptu flying opportunities that are right now passing you by.
  Lots more!

Come on out and meet our group.  Share your interests and enthusiasm with us.
    Brantford COPA Flight 148
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